Montag, Februar 19, 2007


Knoppix, Beryl/AIGLX & VirtualGL

Okay, as I've now was messing with that new Knoppix DVD anyway, I figured I could as well try out the new beryl support.

Well it works.

I'm now watching Turkish Star Wars in the background while writing this blog entry.

This is quite cool.

As I now have a nvidia card, I used the Kanotix nvidia-installer script to install the drivers.

Afterwards I did a: beryl --replace & emerald --replace &

Well, I guess you all have already seen the wobbly windows, 3D desktop and all those other gimmicks ...

All I have now working here. Sweet!

The only things I did not like: Default theme *urgh*, but that was changable via 'emerald-theme-manager' within seconds. I'm now quite satisfied with the ubuntu-superhuman theme.

The other thing I didn't like was that Ctrl+Mouse wheel was set to opacity as I use it quite frequently to increase or decrease the font size of web pages.

I don't know if I want to keep those desktop features, but it has something.

I like AIGLX much more than xGL, because for me it seems much cleaner to add support directly in the original Xserver instead of creating a separate Xserver.

This has also the advantage that network computing neccessary for example for NX won't be harmed.

Speaking of network computing: I found the project VirtualGL, which tries to make GLX application usable over the network by rendering the pixmaps locally and streaming them as images.

It seems to be suitable also for inclusion into NX core.

Funnily you can't find the author of the project on, but a quick check into the sources reveals that it is Sun :-).

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