Montag, April 18, 2005


Skolelinux / Debian Meeting in Greece (part 1)

Now I am sitting here in Greece and the sun has already sunken into the sea.

It is the day after the workshop and I still feel quite exhausted, but lets start at the beginning.

On Wednesday morning I did start my journey to Greece and after a nice flight and a 2 hour bus trip I arrived in Nafplion.

The first evening we had lunch in a very nice restaurant and discussed about certain topics of Free Software. On the second day I did go to Markos' (one of the local organizers) place to meet some people and Markos asked me if I knew of a Skolelinux Live CD, which they could get to the teachers tomorrow.

There was no such thing, but Kurt Gramlich, from Skolelinux Germany proposed that I should just make one ...

Well I did and it did take approixmately 9 hours and not just 3 like I thought before.

The new Live CD is using UnionFS and this means its not like Knoppix, but its a real Debian/Skolelinux CD, with almost nothing special added.

I'll report more on that to the debian-edu and debian-custom mailing lists.

Showing off this new Live CD as a surprise for everyone and a world premiere, was a big success.

There was a very good meal in the evening for all participants of the one-day "conference". There was also enoguh Coke and Red Wine (for those that wanted to drink some).

The next two days we had the workshop and I did teach several people how to easily make LiveCDs. I also worked together with Niktaris on a PowerPC Port of a Knoppix like system. I did also update the Skoelinux LiveCD, because one of the PCs used for mastering before seems to have had broken RAM, which lead to several problematic effects.

I did show off NX to some people and on the second day I even had a small talk about it. But I was already quite tired, so it was not as good as it could have been. Still it was ok, I think.

While being on the Workshop there was always water, juice, coffee and coke available and also some nice cake. There even where sandwiches, but this did cost some small amount of money.

The workshop - in my eyes - had one disadvantage: It was very noisy, so the concentration did go down much faster, than if all was silent. Though this of course also was an advantage, as there were of course lots of ideas exchanged between the people.

On the second day everything was a bit more organized and there even was a every-two-hour status update, so no one could get lost in an unproductive task.

What was very good was the location. The workshop root was approximately 30 seconds from the hotel, had enough space for everyone and even a beamer for presentations.

While we are at the topic of presentations. StopMotion is a _very_ interesting program. You give it some pictures taken in a row and it makes out a fluent video of it. Take a look at the website if you are interested.

Today most developers left and just a few people are still staying at Markos' place. I still have a lot of mails to read, and mails to write and also yesterday I decided that I want to become a Debian Developer finally. So I am now reading and learning all the necessary documents. I think it will be very interesting.

We'll have dinner, soon, so I stop this blog now. Hope you enjoyed it and Nafplion is a really, really nice town with a very big castle.

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