Freitag, Juli 30, 2004


Die schlechtesten Amazon Reviews

Ich habe ein neues Hobby und witzig ist es noch dazu:

- Man nehme: Sein absolutes Lieblings -buch/-film/-musik/-wasauchimmer, dass auch einigermaßen berühmt sein sollte.

- Man gehe zu:
und tippe das Buch dort ein.

- Man lese die schlechten Reviews und lache sich kaputt ;-). (ok, das letzte sollte ganz von selbst geschehen)


The Fellowship of the Ring (The Lord of the Rings, Part 1):

I got this novel because the movie rocked, but it sucked. Who is that Tom bombadil guy and why did they add him? Or those stupid songs? And they ruined the cool intro and never showed Saruman's side of things in the book, making it all one sided. At least it ended where the movie did, but wth is up with Boromir not dead at the end of it? Whoever wrote this should have paid more attention to the script. The characters had FLAWS in it. And doubts. I don't plan to read the others.

Oder auch:

No offense but you shoud be very glad that Peter Jackson has taken this story and made it so anyone in the world can love it. I don't know if your writing sequals to the Lord of the Rings series with Sam's kids or anything or not but if you do you should look up Peter Jackson and ask him about his characters and story skills because he *understands* these things. just a helpful suggestian, 'kay?

Hm, ja Tolkien soll zu Peter Jackson gehen, alles klar ...

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